Cel Pallas - Hones

As any artist, I am passionate about what I do. I will not make this a 'flowery' description of what makes me do what I do, but instead, I will just tell it like it is. 
Firstly let me just say, I love art. I love form. I also love the freedom art gives me to express myself. Over the years my style has changed. I was trying to find a genre that fit me. A style that made me challenge myself. 
I have been using acrylics for the convenience of its quick drying capabilities and this was a brilliant learning medium for me. I now do a lot of my work in oils. This has allowed me to take my time to develop my technique.
I get my inspiration from what is around me at the time. I have no set formula as to what my subjects will be, I just paint what I feel at that moment. Having said this, a lot of thought process happens with what I put to canvas and for this reason, I tend to do a lot of research into my choice of subject.

Curriculum Vitae

Born:  Melbourne - 1957

Educated:       Tafe - NSW Sydney Institute, Ultimo: 1994 to 1997
                       First in Floral Art and Design, 1994 and 
                       Completed Floristry Course with Distinction, 1997.

                      Jannali Girls High:  1971 to 1973.

                      Brighton Technical College, Melbourne, Victoria: 1968 to 1970.

Work History: Freelance Window Dressing: 1987 to 2002
                      Freelance Graphic Art Work:  1979 to 1985
                      Window Dresser in Women's fashion Industry:  1974 to 1979

Commission Orders:   
  2008  I was commissioned to provide artworks for Hones La Hood Lawyers at North Sydney     NSW. Twenty contemporary works were completed over an eight month period and provided as requested.
  2010 - Wedding Invite M&M
  2011 - GFC 2
  2011 - Passion Nectar of the Gobs
  2013 - Untitled - beach sunset scene
  2013 - Trees
  2013 - Dandenongs

  2017 - Sophia

  2018 - Anamarie

  2018 - Asher


  Gosford Art Prize 2022 Finalist

  5LandsWalk - Connections Finalist 2019
  Doug Moran National Portrait Prize 2013 - (S L) Semi-finalist
  Mosman Art Prize 2013 - Finalist
  Gainsborough Greens Art Awards 2012 - Finalist
  Art Toppling Tobacco Art Prize 2012 - Finalist
  Scope Gallery Warrnambool Art Prize 2012 - Finalist
  Mosman Art Prize 2011 - Finalist


  Art Hall 22 Exhibition 

  The Art Hall Group Annual Exhibition 2018
  The Art Hall Group Annual Exhibition 2017

  The Paddington Art Prize Salon Show 2013
  City vs Nature Group Exhibition 2013
  Love Moments Group Exhibition 2012
  Eclettico Solo Exhibition 2011
Personal Background:
I  was born in 1957 in Melbourne, Victoria. I am one of eleven children, of a strict Catholic and musical family. My Italian father liked to paint. From a young age I recall his painting of red underpants on a clothes line against a backdrop of a typically grey Melbourne suburban scene. This scene with its contrasts impacted on me greatly and even at this young age, I knew I wanted to be an artist.

At age 13, I moved to Sydney with my Mother and two younger siblings. When I left school, I was employed as a Window Dresser and this was a benefit to me, as it gave me a real understanding of design and colour. 

After a lengthy career in design and display, I decided I needed a change and took up Floristry, but soon realized this wasn’t what I really wanted to do, there was this underlying need to do art. I wanted to become a painter. Whenever I had the opportunity I would draw or paint and when finally time and finances allowed, I was able to take up art on a full-time basis.

As a self taught artist, I follow my own philosophy on art and have forged my own style to express on canvas what I see and feel. I now describe myself as a Visionary Realist Artist, with a Contemporary edge.

I will continue to challenge myself with artistic techniques which push the boundaries and hone my skills as an artist. I want to look back at my art and feel fulfilled in my life's work.